Was LUNA Manipulated?

A few days ago, I sent an article about the massive volatility found in Crypto-coin LUNA. The idea was to offer you a chance to understand the emotional impact of enormous price fluctuations. Some found it instructive. Handling volatility

My brother-in-law JB sent me an article that he received today. https://www.equedia.com/why-did-crypto-crash/

The gist is someone made the LUNA collapse. On Purpose. It’s hard enough to try to understand crypto, but how do you deal with manipulated crypto? What emotion does that create, and how do you assess your response?

Crypto is an unregulated market. If situations exist where someone could take advantage of that without adverse consequences, it will undoubtedly happen. Once it is obvious it can be done, it will happen more.

In cases where manipulation is possible, the trend is not your friend. Pay attention to volatility. It’s a clue.

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