The Biggest Advantage Of Knowledge And Skill

What happens when amateurs are faced with a new and threatening situation? Often panic and a chaotic response.

Knowledge, experience, and practised skill make the response focused and effective. It permits you to have a clear mind and decisive courage.

Understanding the martial arts.

I have a friend with an advanced dan black belt in Tae-Kwando. Do you think he worries about a dangerous situation? I doubt worry applies, but respect for the possibilities would be there. Nonetheless, with his skill and training, every motion would have a purpose. Better still, every motion would be supported by hundreds, even thousands of repetitions in practice. They are automatic, and they are not singular. Every part of the response supports every other part.

An unskilled aggressor would not have the faintest hope.

Not every dangerous situation in life involves the need for martial art training, although it would help. The training is as much about how you think and handle emotions as it is about physical violence.

Preparation creates the ability to respond effectively.

Planning, recording the reasons for your decisions, and monitoring outcomes provide the same kind of ability as the time spent in a dojo.

Adverse surprises are no one’s friend. Part of the role of an advisor is to help unprepared people understand what is happening, why they feel the way they do, and what opportunities and resources can be brought to bear on a new and unexpected reality.

It is easier if they have been involved in planning and helped execute some of the plans.

The bit to take away

Anticipating problems is a large part of the defence to them should they appear.

I build strategic, fact-based estate and income plans. The plans identify alternate ways to achieve spending and estate distribution goals. In the past, I have been a planner with a large insurance, employee benefits, and investment agency, a partner in a large international public accounting firm, CEO of a software start-up, a partner in an energy management system importer, and briefly in the restaurant business. I have appeared on more than 100 television shows on financial planning. I have presented to organizations as varied as the Canadian Bar Association, The Ontario Institute of Chartered Accountants, The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food, and Banks – from CIBC to the Business Development Bank.

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