Appreciate Small Things. They Become Big Things.

As I grow older, I am becoming able to see the Stoic approach to life more clearly. Marcus Aurelias appears frequently with thoughts that I can use.

Today’s thought is on addressing the value of small steps. This has a not-small advantage in financial planning.

“Don’t await perfection… but be satisfied with even the smallest step forward, and regard the outcome as a small thing.”  Marcus Aurelias

Nearly two millennia later, Vincent Van Gogh emphasized the value of small steps.

Great things are not done by impulse but by a series of small things brought together

In planning and life

If we attend carefully to small things with a general purpose in mind, we end up with a great outcome, but because it was a process and not an event, we often see the outcome as a small thing. Curious, is it not? Small things become large and great things are seen as small.

That is part of the problem of learning how to do a good job with things in life that take decades to prove out. It is difficult to focus on small things and stay motivated. People who need the excitement of an event have the greatest difficulty.

It’s a challenge to teach your children or others about the merit of small achievements. Others learn more by watching than by being taught. Be sure to exemplify the small things well done brings pleasure idea.

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