What Should Investors Do Now?

This is an email commentary from Keith Fitz-Gerald an observer and commentator on markets. It may help with your strategic insight into investing in troubling times. Watching the short video will help too.

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Ride it out or head for the hills?

History says the former, especially if you own the right companies, meaning those at the very top of their game and in line with the world’s most powerful investing themes that I call the “5Ds”—digitalization, defense, diffusion, distribution, and dislocation.

Why are these things so important?


Each of ‘em is backed by trillions of dollars that will get spent practically no matter what the Fed does next, no matter who’s in the White House, and no matter how Wall Street tries to manipulate markets in its own interest.

If you need cash, that’s different.

Meanwhile, here are my thoughts from Varney & Co, when the super-savvy Stuart Varney asked me about exactly this topic this morning. (Watch)

Times are challenging and might become more so. Every little bit of information and thought will help. Pay attention to companies in the 5-D grouping.

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