A Book That Projects The Future

The book by Peter Zeihan, a geopolitical expert and student of trends and events, “The End Of The World Is Just Beginning,” is worth noticing.

It addresses de-globalization and why it will happen. I don’t know how it will affect individuals, but the broad strokes are clear. You cannot be a macro investor unless you know some of what is possible and how it will progress.

A test drive of the book

Jordan Harbinger provides an amazingly diverse spread of podcasts. A recent one is with Peter Zeihan. You can connect to it here. Jordan Harbinger It includes a link to audio and a transcript to follow along with. It’s about an hour and twenty minutes long, and I guarantee you will learn several things you have not yet considered.

Maybe you will want to look for the book next.

Anticipation is the key to optimizing your future. The story’s moral is that the world is not how you think it is.

I build strategic, fact-based estate and income plans. The plans identify alternate and effective ways to achieve spending and estate distribution goals.

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