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Truth or Not

There is a difference between true and factual.  Truth is from the real world.  Factual is a constrained model of reality intended to convey a different message than truth might convey.  I think that is what Steven Colbert means when he talks about “truthy”… Continue Reading “Truth or Not”

Be Positive or B+

Suppose you are coaching a baseball team.  Suppose it is the last inning and the other team has the bases loaded with two out.  You are one run ahead. You head to the mound with the idea of clarifying everything for the pitcher and… Continue Reading “Be Positive or B+”

Template To Avoid Professional Liability Problems

Notice To     ________________________________________  Adviser From:           ________________________________________  Person ________________________________________  Corporation Further to your advice of  _______________________________________ Regarding  ___________________________________________________ I advise you that:  (initial each)    ____    I have listened / read and understood the matters you have communicated to me/us    ____    I… Continue Reading “Template To Avoid Professional Liability Problems”

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