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Simple Works

If you don’t like how the government behaves, then you should behave differently than they do.  A good place to start would be, “spend less than you earn,” and “pay down debt” Debt is a call on the future.  By itself, it adds nothing… Continue Reading “Simple Works”

Cheap Is Too Expensive

People believe that cost and price mean the same thing.  Very wrong.  An error that can easily lead to catastrophic mistakes. When you acquire a product or service, you are trying to get value equal to or more than what you must give up… Continue Reading “Cheap Is Too Expensive”

Small Expenditures Are Hard To Contextualize.

The Bank of Montreal today (25 September 2012) reported that Canadians spend $3,720 per year on impulse purchases.  Not so good for the savings plan but possibly they are mental health treatments.  Buying something just because you want it cheers up an otherwise bad… Continue Reading “Small Expenditures Are Hard To Contextualize.”

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