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Things Lawyers Know

Lawyers are interesting people with a rather unique worldview.  The good ones are curious, quick-witted, competitive and practical.  They know things about the legal system that many clients would be well served to notice.  Let’s call these the fundamental rules of law: No one… Continue Reading “Things Lawyers Know”

Without A CFA, You Can Still Find Good Stocks

When seeking investment opportunities you have ways available that do not require advanced training and deep research. They are indicators not conclusions. You will still need to think about financial stability, industry position and other factors but it is better to start looking for… Continue Reading “Without A CFA, You Can Still Find Good Stocks”

Common Sense

Will Rogers once said, “Just because something is common sense, doesn’t mean it will be common practice.” I took a quick look on the internet for more quotes about common sense, and found many. Interesting though, few of the authors were active after 1925.… Continue Reading “Common Sense”

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