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Will You Pay $125,000 For One Cup Of Coffee A Day?

A 100-foot fall will kill me, but a 1-foot fall repeated 100 times has no effect. Your budget doesn’t work that way. Spending $1 a hundred times and spending $100 once are identical in their effects. Budgeting is an important aspect of financial planning.… Continue Reading “Will You Pay $125,000 For One Cup Of Coffee A Day?”

Monthly Premiums

Monthly premiums are a good place to start with new clients. After all if they don’t start, it is less likely they will finish and monthly premiums are a good way to get the habit under way. Some will choose to stay with monthly… Continue Reading “Monthly Premiums”

It Has Always Been That Way

In the consulting business, it never made me feel good when someone said, “We have always done it like that.” It was the signal that a problem lived there. When that came up, we asked them to discover how the procedure came to be… Continue Reading “It Has Always Been That Way”

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