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OOPs! Some Cost Savings Are Hard

You need to look at more than numbers to make good decisions. In 1999 GM lost a lawsuit.  Damage award $4.9 Billion.  The reason was a poorly designed gas tank location in the 1979 Malibu.  They knew about the problem early on but decided… Continue Reading “OOPs! Some Cost Savings Are Hard”

Why Do You Visit The Dentist Twice A Year?

You need to be a bit old to remember Bucky Beaver and Ipana Toothpaste. (I notice that Ipana generates a spell check error so it is not a common word.) Ipana was the Bristol-Myers best selling toothpaste from 1904 until the late ’50’s. Bristol-Myers… Continue Reading “Why Do You Visit The Dentist Twice A Year?”

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