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Office Overhead Expense Disability Insurance

Most people who have thought about it own Disability Income Insurance.  That will protect your personal spending while you are unable to earn a living.  But, what about the business expenses that will carry on even while you are unable to attend? Things like… Continue Reading “Office Overhead Expense Disability Insurance”

Life Insurance Lets You Die Neat

Will Rogers once said that, “Just because a thing is common sense, does not mean it will be common practice.” Not much has changed in the 80 years since. As an example, the most valuable asset most people have is the ability to earn… Continue Reading “Life Insurance Lets You Die Neat”

What Is “Insurance Poor”?

Anyone can be insurance poor. Maybe everyone is. You could be insurance poor by paying too much premium each month. Or, it could be your future self or estate who is insurance poor because the claim received because of your death or disability is… Continue Reading “What Is “Insurance Poor”?”

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