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Who’s Your Planner?

There is only one answer to that question and we will come to it in a moment. First, let’s look at what financial planning is about. Developing a successful financial plan has three clear parts. Design a strategy. Essentially, of all the things you… Continue Reading “Who’s Your Planner?”

Buying Tools For A Purpose

The purpose of a tool is to assist in the achievement of some goal. It is a tactical device. There may be special skills required to operate it effectively but not always. Unless you are a tool designer or maker, tools are for what… Continue Reading “Buying Tools For A Purpose”

Don’t Take A Knife To A Gunfight

What, if any, is the duty of a financial adviser to educate their client as to macro and micro economics, taxation, psychology, longitudinal spending models, mortality and morbidity models, financial products and processes, financial planning in general, their plan in particular and how they… Continue Reading “Don’t Take A Knife To A Gunfight”

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