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You Cannot Understand Bitcoin Without Understanding Money

Is bitcoin money or some kind of security? Continue reading

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Simple Is Harder But More Rewarding

Simple works better Continue reading

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Financial Regulators Have An Impossible Task

It pains me to say this but I feel sorry for regulators in the financial services area. Their job is not doable in the real world. Why Not? Many people argue that suitability is an inadequate standard so regulators are … Continue reading

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Best-Interest Regulatory Standard Is Flawed

The financial service industry is moving towards higher regulatory standards.  Best interest, and fiduciary (the higher) among the probabilities. The problem is of course, that no one knows what those mean. The dictionary definitions are clear but meaningless.  This one … Continue reading

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Over Regulation Is Pricey

The price of compliance is higher than it needs to be Continue reading

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Another Area of Financial Regulation

Regulate everything and everyone Continue reading

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The Helicopter Government Problem

Regulating financial advisors will eventually have the same effect that rain has on the availability of cabs in Manhattan. A recent report in Businessweek showed that when it rains in Manhattan, the demand for cabs rose by 4.8%.  A pleasant … Continue reading

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