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Hockey and Politics

At the substance level,  hockey and politics have become the same.  They should not have done so. The Stanley Cup finals ended 13 June this year, (that is insane too) one day after the Ontario general election.  The juxtaposition made something impressively clear.  A… Continue Reading “Hockey and Politics”

Is “Golden” Still a Positive Adjective?

I am not a gold-bug and have said so before. In February 2013, I published, How Much Should Gold Sell For and estimated that even with significant inflation, gold should sell for $750 per ounce. Gold was then $1,650 or so and headed to… Continue Reading “Is “Golden” Still a Positive Adjective?”

Economies Change

Pure capitalism is the natural state. Giving and getting value works. When “well-meaning??” people try to restrict the natural, they show several non-virtues. Impatience. I can’t wait, even though I know the market fixes itself over the intermediate to long term. Arrogance. I know… Continue Reading “Economies Change”

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