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Innovating Is Harder Than You Think

Having brilliant new ideas is not the problem. It is a given that ideas are worth about $0.79 a dozen. The trick is to notice that new ideas are each worth nothing until they are implemented. Getting a new idea approved What do you… Continue Reading “Innovating Is Harder Than You Think”

Innovation Will Change The World

A problem is only a problem if you don’t know how to solve it. When I was at university, the person in the next room in residence was beyond capable in math.  His view of problem sets in advanced calculus could be summed up… Continue Reading “Innovation Will Change The World”

Ideas Are 39 Cents A Dozen

Talent, ideas and invention are over-rated.  Success evolves.  It does not appear in a bolt of light.  Most people are smart enough to do most jobs.  How smart would you need to be to be Prime Minister?  Not super smart but you need to… Continue Reading “Ideas Are 39 Cents A Dozen”

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