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Think About Critical Illness Insurance

Critical illness insurance is a conceptually simple insurance product.  If you are diagnosed with one of stroke, heart attack or cancer, the insurer will write a check to help you deal with the problems that have arisen.  Of course there are some definitional things… Continue Reading “Think About Critical Illness Insurance”

What Is Insurance For?

People often do not own a proper insurance portfolio because they do not know what insurance is for. I own casualty insurance like car, house, liability and group health but I don’t know as much about those as a specialist would. You should review… Continue Reading “What Is Insurance For?”

What Should I Insure?

Insurance poor is a bad idea. So is poor because I had too little or none. There is a way to think about it. Future unknown losses fall into four categories. The defining elements are the cost of the loss and the probability of… Continue Reading “What Should I Insure?”

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