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Do Not Overlook Life Expectancy

What do you need to know about human life expectancy?  Most of what you see in the newspapers makes little sense in terms of planning. Wikipedia defines life expectancy as. “Life expectancy equals the average number of years a person born in a given… Continue Reading “Do Not Overlook Life Expectancy”

Facts Do Not Always Add Value

In Britain, the recent budget scrapped rules that require pensioners to buy an annuity. Beginning in 2015, it will be easier and cheaper to withdraw money from pension plans. To offset any problems, Pensions Minister Steve Webb proposes to tell people their “rough life… Continue Reading “Facts Do Not Always Add Value”

Could You Live Past 100?

In Arles France, on Monday 4 August 1997, Jeanne Calment died.  I am sure that many other people died that day, but Jeanne Calment is special.  When she died she was 122 years 164 days old.  We should notice.  If many of us live… Continue Reading “Could You Live Past 100?”

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