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On Being Ready For Success

If you were a goalie approaching a gold medal hockey game, what would you be thinking about? The 2014 game between Canada and Sweden should be a good one.  As in all games of the “lose once and you’re out” variety, goal-tending is crucial. … Continue Reading “On Being Ready For Success”

Learning From Failure

Today I am a curator.  A selector of material organized along a common theme.  The theme is – success follows failure.  I often heard, “Good decisions are the result of experience and experience is the result of bad decisions.” or perhaps, “Experience is the… Continue Reading “Learning From Failure”

Some Thoughts On Mistakes

Many years ago, I had a client who lost almost his entire business equity in a deal that went sour. His reaction was, “It’s probably a good thing. If it had worked, I would have done it much bigger next year and that would… Continue Reading “Some Thoughts On Mistakes”

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