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When Governments Parent

Parenting is an immensely challenging task. There are conflicting emotions and signals. Expertise is based on experience and experience is based on poor decisions. That it matters is a serious stress. With governments becoming like parents, we see all the same problems arise. Fashionable… Continue Reading “When Governments Parent”

Parenting Entrepreneurs

Is it necessary to be a realist in order to be an entrepreneur? My immediate reaction was “Yes, most certainly.”  Entrepreneurs make things happen.  They use resources well.  They combine the strengths of others to create an entity that has never existed prior.  They… Continue Reading “Parenting Entrepreneurs”

Happy Father’s Day!

Objectively, every day is Father’s Day. Children and eventually grandchildren are the meaning of life. Fathers get to contribute and enjoy. What could be worth more? New fathers need to lighten up. Here’s a way to think about it. There is a big difference… Continue Reading “Happy Father’s Day!”

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