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There Is Only One Workable Government Incentive

The American Presidential election has provided us with repetitive rhetoric about how the government will create jobs and renew prosperity.  Surely, no one takes these folks seriously.  It is hubris and the result is the same as it would be in a Greek tragedy.… Continue Reading “There Is Only One Workable Government Incentive”

What Is The Best Question?

I understand that this can lead to paradoxical answers.  Setting that aside, I think that one of the best questions is, “What Happens Then?” The point to “What Happens Then?” is to make people notice that decisions and their results are not fully self-contained. … Continue Reading “What Is The Best Question?”

Try It. You’ll Like It.

I have been watching the American election process with some interest.  If a Martian appears, I think he will wonder what it is all about.  Since he knows everything about democracies and elections, he would be incredulous. From his viewing point, elections are to… Continue Reading “Try It. You’ll Like It.”

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