Employee Review

Not many people like employee evaluation/performance review.  If you know what the person is supposed to be doing, then you can evaluate against the task requirements. Objectivity is always a plus.

You might find the following helpful for the review of each element in a a particular job.



The Task Well

 Skill/Knowledge Required


In Depth















To Do Or Notice

  1. Nothing.  Meets standard.  Comment
  2. Improve knowledge.  Training and support.  QC
  3. Find what they are doing.  It could be transferable.  Oblivious and always right is interesting.
  4. Demand accountability and performance.  Find reason for sometimes
  5. Fill out knowledge.  Identify areas where performance is not good enough.  QC need
  6. QC and  training.
  7. Demand performance and accountability.  QC and supervision
  8. Fill out knowledge.  Demand performance and accountability.  Supervision.   Supervision, training,  QC
  9. Training.  Permission to experiment with supervision and QC

Principal Points

  • Notice and comment on 1
  • Be excited about 3.  Could be an opportunity for everyone.
  • You cannot criticize the doing of wrong unless you are sure the person knows how to do it right and you can explain the difference between expected performance and actual performance and you can provide a method or technique to correct the error.
  • Oblivious is overcome by training
  • Never is overcome by supervision, QC and accountability
  • 2,3, 5 & 6 are part of normal progression to mastery.  Require supervision, training, QC and feedback
  • 2, 3 & 6 indicate an opportunity for you to improve the standard, or find better ways to implement it.
  • 9 is likely a new hire and you will have ways to get them started
  • 4, 7 & 8 are seriously deficient.  Supervision, communication and documentation of performance are necessary

Be sure to ask employees for insight and evaluation of their task list.  Sometimes there are conflicting expectations and improvements.  They know more about the task than you do because they do it the current environment.  Your experience may have become obsolete.

Remain objective.  This is about outcomes not people.

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