How Retrospection Makes You Better

For the past several days I have been reviewing the performance of this blog. Frankly, it is awful. The performance and the review work both. It is unread no doubt because I have have not promoted it, because the writing is weak, and the headlines and excerpts inadequate. No excuses. When things don’t work, you should fix them or quit. I am not very good at quitting this because I think the writing of one’s ideas helps you understand them better. Publishing them elicits the odd bit o f feedback that helps.

Not enough people are connecting

This article is an example of the readership problem. Barnyard Markets

It apepared 12 October 2012 and was the 27th article to appear in this blog. While I think it is not well written, I think it contains some interesting points for investors. Among them, we find realism is an investing advantage. So too are specific skills, better tax position, cheaper financing, ability to hedge, ability to add organizational and management skill.

Those advantages do not remain fixed

The inability to change harms investors. Situations change and you must too. The ability to recognize adverse (for you) change is a marvelous skill. There is a special case in markets.

Bull and bear do not describe all markets. There is a “Chicken Market” too. The one where you don’t understand what is happening and move towards cash until you do. In my experience chicken markets are more common than we think.

The conclusion

From the article.

“If you are making investments that do not connect to your personal advantage or that you do not understand, you are not only taking risk, you are making risk.  Not smart.  Not profitable.”

Sometimes it is easier to avoid losses than to make extra gains. Learn to notice chicken markets quicker.

For perspective

Today’s article is number 2,799. The Barnyard market  article from 2012 was #27 and has an interesting place among them. Exactly 2 people have ever seen it.

There are 1,716 others that have been seen by fewer than 40.


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2 Comments on “How Retrospection Makes You Better

  1. You are a well kept secret Don.
    I appreciate your insights & learn something from each article.
    Thanks & keep up the good work. Jaymes

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