Velleity? What Does That Mean?

Velleity is one of the most common reasons that people don’t enjoy the possible fullness of their lives. Its definition will resonate with everyone.

It is a word we should learn and remember. Occasionally point out to ourselves when it is restricting us.


Velleity, noun – “a wish or inclination not strong enough to lead to action.” Oxford Dictionary

Wikipedia traces its history and offers an example of the deeper meaning.

Marketing writer Matt Bailey describes it as “a desire to see something done, but not enough desire to make it happen”

More expansively he points out, “Velleity is what keeps companies locked in this mindset of reporting useless numbers. Desiring, even expecting to someday have an epiphany of change, but not willing to change the mindset or the culture of locked-in reporting to achieve it. Nor are they willing to ask the hard questions in order to uncover what must be done.”

People don’t like the disorder of change, and velleity is an outcome.

We have a choice

Each of us has the choice of finding the action necessary to implement our dreams, or the wisdom to set the minor ones aside for now. Each of us has many dreams. Velleity robs us of concentrated effort. Maybe we would get better answers if we addressed our dreams one at a time and put in the effort to achieve them once identified as the most important one for me today.

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