Happy Labour Day

In Canada the Labour Day holiday goes back officially to 1894 and traditionally signals the end of summer.

The movement congratulates the workers and their unions. The unions and others  created much value in 1894 and times before and following.

I sometimes wonder what is left for the unions to do for their brethren, but I am removed from that any more so I would be guessing. Outside governments, the union movement is a lot less strong than it once was. Possibly because of all the good work they did in the early going. Not many huge problems remain.

As I see it, most of those achievements were necessary because the owners of the businesses were completely out of touch with their people. Conflict over common sense things like reasonable pay, reasonable working conditions, and reasonable hours of work, looks like the work of the brain dead.  When picking a cause to fight over, be sure it is one that makes sense. It should not be one you will look back on and say that was a stupid point to fight over.

Selfishness is not a durable position.

Springing forward to today, we have the problem in reverse. Unions seem to want to fight over things that will not prove to be highly moral factors in the long run. Political power is enough to carry the day for a while, but eventually the people, including many union members will have had enough and that advantage will disappear.

Co-operative synergy

It might be time to consider what works best for everyone. Business executives will be required to be tested to see if they have moved away from the brain dead state. Union leaders too.

Co-operation is a marvelous builder of wealth and security. There is no other of equal value.

All people should apply themselves to finding a way for the greatest benefit for everyone. Winning a dispute is an incomplete answer. Look for synergy. Everyone comes out better off.

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